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Hope International Media

Services Available

Hope  International Media (Hope IM) was established by Hope For The Heart to handle media placement and management for  its two daily programs, Hope For The Heart and Hope In The Night. As a tenant organization in the new Hope Center, the role of Hope IM will be expanded to provide other resident ministries with the same professional services now available to Hope For The Heart, which include:

  • Conceptual Counsel: Expert assistance with the creation and development of programs, features, and spot schedules

  • Media Planning: Planning assistance for Christian programs and spot schedules, including analyses of markets and media.

  • Media Placement Services: Budgeting, rate negotiation and scheduling of Christian programs and spot schedules.

  • Post-Buy Processing: Broadcast schedule analysis, media invoice review and pre-payment approval.

  • Creative and Production Services: Working with the award-winning staff and state-of-the-art resources of the Hope Center Broadcast Complex, Hope IM can create or refine program scripts or spot copy … coordinate casting/voiceovers … and deliver turnkey production of programs, features and spots.

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